Online Bidding

If you are looking to work on Odesk, Elance or Freelance etc. website, this Advanced Training on Online Bidding on Online Freelance Sites training is the answer for that. We start from Basic to advance. We start from Basic concept of Online Bidding to opening a new Fresh Account on Odesk.  We will guide about sending Application, Calculating Hourly work, transferring USD to Local Bank Account etc. We have trained more than 900 students among the country and some International students also. THIS TRAINING WILL MAKE YOU AN EXPERT OF BIDDING SITES LIKE ODESK.COM, ELANCE.COM, GURU.COM OR FREELANCE.COM ETC. THIS UNIQUE TRAINING IS ONLY GIVEN BY OUR CENTRE IN EASTERN ZONE. IT’S A MUST FOR ANY BIDDER WHO IS STARTING NEW. ONCE YOU DO THE TRAINING, OUR SUPPORT WILL BE THERE LIFE LONG.





Only SINGLE Mode Class Facility Available for this Training.