This Certificate Course in Corporate English with Accent and vocabulary training includes communication to help boost your conversation. The course is also focused on improving the participant’s listening, speaking and writing skills. Also includes different aspects of business communication like negotiation, communication, reading specialist literature, etc. Lastly it includes Business Correspondence Software for Free – a specialized Software that allows you to learn how to lay-out and prepare business documents such as letters, faxes, requests, complaints, etc. English courses specially tailored to the company: Banking English, Financial English, and English for Lawyers etc. We take into account the recommendations and requirements of our customers, as well as closely following the constantly changing market needs of corporate training: this allows us to constantly develop and improve the range of services. THIS TRAINING WILL OBVIOUSLY INCREASE YOUR SPOKEN FLUENCY OF ENGLISH ALONG WITH PRONUNCIATION AND ACCENT. THIS TRAINING WILL HELP YOU TO INCREASE YOUR VOCABULARY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AS A WHOLE. IT WILL TEACH YOU THE PROPER PROCESS OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATION. LASTLY, YOU WILL BE READY TO DEAL INTERNATIONAL MATTERS INDEPENDENTLY AS PER AS COMMUNICATION IS CONCERN.WE RECOMMEND TO DO THIS TRAINING AS PER UR NEED.



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